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FireBarre is our signature 50-minute, results-driven, low-impact cardio barre class, uniquely designed to define, tone and elongate muscles while simultaneously elevating your heart rate to a fat burning level using high-intensity interval training. Unlike other barre workouts, FireBarre focuses on more than just shaping the muscles; it melts away the extra pounds so you can actually see those muscles!

FireBarre’s simple, yet effective ballet-inspired conditioning exercises are performed to an energizing beat in a pumped up atmosphere. (Think: high-energy, fun, sweaty dance club!) Our Barre-tenders slowly speed up the tempo of each series to fire up the heart rate, leaving you breathless and shaping the underlying muscles to develop lean legs, delicately defined arms and a trim waist cinched from the inside out.

FireBarre was specifically developed to complement the Lagree Fitness method underlying our Pyrolates classes. Adding FireBarre to your Pyrolates routine will intensify the results you see from the Megaformer workout. Think of Pyrolates as being “shaken” and FireBarre as being “stirred”!

One class and we promise that you won’t be doing any more barre-hopping!

Have more questions? Read our Firebarre FAQs here.

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