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We specialize in jaw-dropping physical transformations, but also mind and spirit shifts.

Experienced one? Tell us and help empower our community.



    Why I came to Firebrand:


    To strengthen my core to support a lower back injury. I had done Pilates reformer classes before, so the Megaformer really intrigued me. I wanted a Pilates-type workout in a group setting that pushed me.

    What I had tried before and why it didn't work:


    I'd done private Pilates classes but they became too expensive and inconsistent. I also wanted something with more energy. Gym memberships had been good but I wanted more instruction to keep me motivated.

    How Firebrand has changed me:


    I'm stronger in mind, body and spirit. My back problems have become less frequent from the Lagree Fitness classes. My overall body feels stronger and when I have trained for runs, I have noticed a new sense of ease. Life can be so crazy, but I find my workouts at Firebrand help keep me centered. It's my time to check out of life's chaos and focus on me.

    If you are considering Firebrand:


    DO IT! The variety of classes and the way they challenge you will leave you wanting to come back time and time again. I started coming to Firebrand through ClassPass and after 30 days, I cancelled it and joined Firebrand. It's my fitness addiction.


    This is what I've been craving. Dreaming about. I walked by this place one billion times and always thought it looked like every other studio. It isn't. It's the absolute best. Lagree Fitness is amazing. I want more!

    - JESSICA R.

    The best part is the intensity! Classes are express and continue to kick your ass over the next 24 hours. For a working professional, it's perfect! Efficient and effective! 

    - JESS F.

    I've tried every class, and they're all great in their own way. They're meticulously planned, challenging and go by very fast. The class sizes are small and you get plenty of personal attention! 

    - TIM F.



    Why I came to Firebrand:


    To get stronger and more fit ... and eventually lose some weight. I was intrigued by the Megaformer and the small class sizes.

    What I had tried before and why it didn't work:


    Barre3, 24-Hour Fitness, 21-Day Fix and Couch to 5K. I had some success with Couch to 5K, but the others just became too boring (same routine every week) and the people simply were'nt fun to workout with. I took up running because my friends were doing it and the races looked fun. But I soon noticed knee damage. Once I accomplished my goal of completing the Portland Half, I knew I needed to stop running and find a new workout. Easier said than done, since I get bored easily.

    How Firebrand has changed me:


    The classes at Firebrand not only fatigue the muscles in my arms, abs and legs, they also fatigue my brain. I leave class clear-headed and exhausted, but it a good way. Although each class has its core-curriculum, every instructor knows how to keep it fresh and challenging. This is what I crave. Over the past 4 months, I've seen a change in my body (12" and counting!), my mind (more focus and less stress) and my spirit (smiling brighter with more pep in my step!). In the past, I've always done just the minimum, but at Firebrand, I've tried to challenge myself a bit more each week.

    If you are considering Firebrand:


    Do it! Yes, the Megaformer looks both scary and daunting, but if I can do it, anyone can. Firebrand isn't about the "quick fix". You have to do the "time" but you'll love it and become addicted!


    What makes Firebrand stand out is the staff. They’re there to support and encourage. They know what they are doing but they still manage to personalize the workouts.

    - LESLIE K.

    Firebrand is clear about its mission, and follows through in a very true fashion. You will have your ass kicked and results will follow shortly. 

    - BRICE T.

    I was a total skeptic, but boy was I wrong. These are some of the best workouts I've ever had and I've played several sports at a high level. I'm very glad I took the leap and gave it a shot. I'm hooked now.

    - RAMZY H.



    Why I came to Firebrand:


    I needed a workout that would take me to the next level. Many friends had raved about Firebrand, so I followed their lead.

    What I had tried before and why it didn't work:

    I've always worked out my whole life. I wouldn't say the workout stopped working as much as I would say I didn't work. Much of that was a loss of engagement with the exercise.

    How Firebrand has changed me:


    Based on my fitness history, I feel that Firebrand took my fitness level to a competitive and challenging place, and that isn't something I can ever negate moving forward. Now that I have mastered strength and endurance, I hope to align all the components of being healthy and one day share what I have experienced as a fitness instructor.

    If you are considering Firebrand:


    Just Do It!


    If you want to get in shape and see changes in your body, this is the place to do it. The common thread in the classes is that you'll be pushed hard and the challenge never really stops.

    - ADAM T.

    Firebrand has changed my fitness level and kept me on track. I love that the classes are smaller so you really get to interact with the instructors and meet people in class. I highly recommend it.

    - LAINA R.

    I find working out at the gym hard because I don't know what to do. I like coming to Firebrand, being told what to do and feeling accomplished. Bonus is the group thing, so I don't feel stared at, like working with a trainer.

    - JAIME M.



    Why I came to Firebrand:


    To lose weight and look great! I chose Firebrand because it offers an array of workouts and the location was convenient. I'd also heard that the Megaformer workouts were a must try! 

    What I had tried before and why it didn't work:


    I had tried so many fitness routines because of workout fads or convenient at-home videos. They never succeeded because I cannot push myself. I give up easily or get unmotivated at studios that only offer one class.

    How Firebrand has changed me:


    Before I came to Firebrand, I didn't think I was actually capable of doing the workouts you provide. But now I know that was wrong. Since starting, I've noticed significant changes in my body (inches and pounds lost and definition in muscles I never knew I even had!). I have also noticed when I'm doing other workouts how strong my core has become because of Firebrand! I love being a part of this community and appreciate the way they support each of their clients.

    If you are considering Firebrand:


    Keep coming back and don't get discouraged. You'll be amazed at the results!


    Firebrand is really more of a community than a "gym." The workouts are never boring and the staff so encouraging, you will find yourself pushing to the max. Ok, you might be cursing them out in your head, but you'll thank them later!

    - TOMI L.

    This is where you go when you want to SEE results. Period. If you make a commitment and put in the effort during the classes, you will see some amazing changes in your body.

    - CHRISTY H.

    Each instructor makes time for me if I need it. They make sure I am pushing myself at my level. Everyone is warm and friendly. I feel as though Firebrand is my home away from home.

    - KELLY T.



    Why I came to Firebrand:


    I was injured running and needed something else, but was lost. My best friend, Cate Wade, an instructor at Firebrand, kept telling me about Firebrand and Lagree Fitness. Initially I was hesitant, but the more I read about the low impact to the joints, the results derived from the workout and that fact that as an athlete her whole life, Wade had to know what she was talking about. I thought, why not? 

    What I had tried before and why it didn't work:


    Since I moved to Portland a few years ago, I was inspired by all of the activity the city had to offer. I started waking up every morning during the week and running. I completed my first 5K and became addicted. All was great until I tore cartilage under my knee cap from training too hard for a half marathon coming up. I was devastated.

    How Firebrand has changed me:


    I am now almost a year into Firebrand and Lagree Fitness and I have to say I am addicted. Admittedly I hate the instructor throughout the entire workout but they wouldn't be doing their job if you didn't hate them a little for making your entire body shake. Not only has Lagree Fitness and the Megaformer strengthened my core, but my knee has never been better and I can now run again! And I have lost more than 65 pounds and kept it off.

    If you are considering Firebrand:


    I can truly say that this is my home away from home. They have challenged me beyond my wildest dreams and I have never looked or felt better. The impact this studio has had in my life can never be measured in dollars, only in inches. Firebrand is truly integrated into my everyday life and I wouldn't want it any other way. It will change your life!


    By far my favorite studio! The variety fulfills my love of cross-training. I'm always challenged and never get bred. All of the trainers are knowledgeable, friendly and have something unique to bring to each class.

    - ELISE H.

    Firebrand offers workouts that provide real results. The workouts are always challenging and are never the same which keeps me interested and engaged.

    - JUAN M.

    I'm not usually the“kind of girl who falls in love quickly, but Firebrand Sports has completely stolen my heart! The studio is gorgeous, the Megaformers rock and the instructors are amazing!

    - KASEY C.



    Why I came to Firebrand:


    I was looking to get back into a workout routine that provided me with an overall good state of health and fitness. I chose Firebrand based on my sister and friend having great things to say. It really helped to have someone else to take the initial class with because sometimes that can be intimidating! 

    What I had tried before and why it didn't work:


    I've tried a typical gym, where I ran out of workout ideas on my own. The fitness classes they provided I never knew if I had to get there way ahead of time since they would get full, and my work schedule varies so the classes they offered weren't consistent enough to see changes. I also tried creating exercises at home, but those ended up not being challenging enough.

    How Firebrand has changed me:


    My body has become stronger, especially in my core. I've noticed a big difference in my core stability in class. I try to push myself every class, and that is where my mind and spirit have transformed. I'm a competitive person, so when faced with a challenge, I try my hardest to tackle it. I've seen this happen in all of my Firebrand classes. I also have more energy in my day to day! 

    If you are considering Firebrand:


    Check out all the classes. They offer a good variety for all sorts of fitness levels and interests. The instructors are invested in your success so they will assist or push you harder!


    It's the extra boost of "fire" that's offered in your classes that makes it so different from the run-of-the-mill group fitness classes offered at the other places.

    - BILL V.

    There's no studio at this level in Portland. Want a class with real care and instruction that you don't get injured? Lagree Fitness. To feel like you're dying with intense cardio? They've got that too. This place is for real.

    - CARI C.

    The schedule has a lot of options for busy people, a variety of classes, effective workouts and great instructors. Period.

    - JILLIAN E.
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