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When I was little, I wanted to be: A sports agent. I wrote individual contracts for each of the Chicago Bear players and then signed for them!

What people say about my classes: That they appreciate the thought that goes into them, that they’re challenging and different every time, and that they trust what I am asking them to do.

People might not know that: I’ve seen every single episode of Survivor since it went on the air. But I would never be on it.

My signature look as an instructor: Bright colors. I try to dress like a fitness super hero.


Sara is lead Pyrolates™ instructor and owner of Firebrand Sports. A lifelong fitness seeker, Sara began in classical ballet and modern dance and continued her passion for movement and choreography in high school as a step aerobics instructor. Sara is naturally creative and loves to entertain, having founded and acted in a comedy improv group that has since spawned talent to SNL during her college years in NYC. Sara counts herself blessed to have discovered Lagree Fitness™ during her hectic years as an entertainment lawyer in LA and trained as a client for 4 years under founder Sebastien Lagree and his talented lead instructors before taking the plunge and becoming certified to instruct the groundbreaking method. Also a RealRyder® certified cycling instructor, Sara’s classes promise an entertaining, vibrant yet challenging workout for the body, mind and spirit.


In FireBarre, I really like: arms.  I love to help people have super toned arms (“those arms!”) so that they look fabulous in sleeveless clothing.

I love it when members say: You pushed me, it was hard, but it was also fun!

I’m happy when: I’m with my boyfriend, my dog and my family.

Portland hangouts: Ringside Fish House, Olive or Twist and – only once a year but it’s soooo good - McDonalds.


Dance has been part of Kelly’s life for 24 years – she taught tap, jazz and hip hop on her way to being a Blazerdancer.  After a few years of dancing, working out everyday, and having to maintain a crazy body image for the NBA, she still lost 10 pounds and 4 dress sizes after finding Firebrand and Pyrolates. Says Kelly, “I am easily in the best shape I've ever been in!” A FireBarre instructor, Kelly wants her students to get comfortable with their bodies, gain a sense of rhythm and leave feeling sweaty and really good!


My nickname: K8 or Legs

People in my classes can expect: New-age electronic dance music, never a lull in the action, lots of spandex and tank tops, a place where everybody is happy!

Little known fact about me: About one in every 50,000 people has the capability to become a contortionist and I am one of them! When I was little, I would watch TV with my elbows on the floor and my feet swinging over my head.

My favorite team: I love my New Orleans Saints! And I’m a huge Drew Brees fan. It’s cool to see him coming up, even though the Saints are doing terrible these days.


A self-described jack-of-all-trades when it comes to sports, Kate has now added a certification in Lagree Fitness™ to her many abilities: soccer, cross-country, track, swimming, tennis, volleyball, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and gymnastics. This Oregon State Beaver earned degrees in Apparel Design/Merchandise Management, and is putting that knowledge to work helping to develop Firebrand Sports retail.


What I want for my class: is to set a goal and achieve it. Stretch a little higher, lunge deeper, be stronger, more confident – but have fun with it too!

My favorite FireBarre series: is Step Out. You feel strong but graceful and it gets your heart rate pumping!

I’m happy when: I’m with family and friends outdoors, cooking healthy (devoted to good nutrition and gluten free).

My guilty pleasure: is crawling back into bed when I can!


Kristi is a lifetime runner with 13 years professional competitive ballet and 8 years jazz, hip hop, lyrical and modern dance experience. You know you are in the presence of a gifted teacher (ballet, spinning, barre) the moment you begin Kristi’s FireBarre class. A business major (OSU) with added artistic study (hairdressing, makeup design) in Boise and LA, Kristi cites her love of health fitness and devotion to the technique of barre as her life objective. Along with students, she strives to be part of a culture that embodies a fit life style with modern methods to achieve it.


My teaching style is: is to motivate and appreciate people.  I’m hands on and want my class to find out something new about themselves and how they can move.

My favorite FireBarre move: is the Muffin Top Series.  I love it.  Name aside, it’s all about the ideal form.

You might be surprised to learn: that I also love cooking and nesting.

Some Portland pleasures are: Urban Farmer for a decadent steak dinner/dessert tasting and sangria and nachos (done right) at the Night Light Lounge.


Her personal motto, “Why walk when you can dance?” sums up the energy and passion that greet you when Whitney enters the room!  It makes total sense that Whitney, with extensive background in modern dance and ballet would one day collaborate with a friend on what is today the methodology that FireBarre is based upon AND end up teaching it at Firebrand in her native Portland.  In class, her #smartsweat concept will sweep you up into a “cardio induced” workout that is also all about alignment and structure.


My favorite Lagree Fitness move: is a hold of any kind! You focus hard, challenge yourself for those last five seconds and then get an endorphin rush.

My signature look: is outfitted by Nike (“I am Nike-d out!”)

Fun fact: Thanks to my 5 year old, I know almost everything there is to know about Transformers!

Favorite Portland eatery: is Verde Cocina. I am a big believer in gluten free to go along with being fit.


A state champion high jumper who earned a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice, Carolynn left Maryland to find a place “where the quality of life is superior.” When she hit Portland, she stopped searching and never looked back. After two months in Pyrolates, Carolynn had chiseled and sculpted herself in a way that she swears two years in the gym with outdated equipment never did – and that’s when she decided to become a Firebrand Pyrolates instructor. Carolynn is also an accomplished international burlesque dancer and traveled to headline in Helsinki in 2014.


In my class, I want people to: get out of their left (workday) brain and into the play space of the right brain.

My favorite FireBarre move: is the Step Out Series.  You float, twist and then step out to attitude!

Comments about my class: are usually about how much fun people have. They say, “You have a dance party in this room!”

Guilty Portland pleasure: Mexican food and margaritas at Por Que No.


Andi grew up an athlete, taking various dance classes from ballet to hip-hop, which set a foundation of strength and a love for movement. A successful track and field career cut short by knee injury in high school sidelined her collegiate scholarship plan – but she learned “how to start from scratch and self-compete, becoming fearless and brave.”  A business professional by day (operating room surgical devices), Andi started coming to Pyrolates when a thyroid condition began to change her body, and Pyro “changed it back!”  She loves teaching FireBarre and seeing a happy attitude reflected in her class members when they do this workout.


When I was little, I wanted to be: A tiger scientist or the President.

As an instructor: I nerd out on teaching with a strength training focus because it helps people get in touch with their personal power and discover they can become someone they’ve always wanted to be.

Actresses who would play me: According to a vote of my friends, Carrot Top.

Guilty Portland Pleasure: The donut holes at 23rd and Hoyt.

CATE WADE (Wade-o)

Cape Cod, Massachusetts can be proud of this native for taking advantage of the arts in her backyard (The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Tufts University) and also for heading west, like the Firebrand she is, to Michigan State University where she played field hockey (2001 Big Ten Champs). After college, Cate’s focus became personal training (NASM Certified) especially group fitness. She was Master Trainer at Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women in Boston until she heeded the real call of the West. Today Wade-o is a popular fitness personality on the Portland scene who continues to challenge herself (e.g., Santa and Portland marathon finisher) at every turn.

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