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Sign up is a snap.
Use our app. It’s available for download for iPhone and Android. Pay, book and cancel classes on-the-go, manage your waitlist, earn rewards and more! Our classes fill up fast, so it’s always best to reserve ahead of time so you don’t end up waitlisted.
The wonders of the waitlist.
Class you want full? Add yourself to the waitlist and, as spots open, we release them in the order you put yourself onto it. The waitlist goes away 8-hours before class, so be sure to check our online schedule to grab last-minute openings in class.

Simple Waitlist Rules

  • Managing your waitlist is your responsibility. Our app makes it easy and you’ll also want to be sure to opt in to receive waitlist notifications via text or email on your online profile.
  • By waitlisting a class, you’re saying you’ll take the class if you get into it.
  • You can cancel or decline the waitlisted spot up 8 hours before class at no charge.
  • But if you cancel or decline within 8 hours of class, it’s considered a charged Late Cancel. If you no show the reservation, it’s considered a charged No Show. No exceptions.
  • You must cancel on our app or online. No phone calls. No emails. No exceptions.
  • Pay special attention for early classes. If you don’t want to be added from the waitlist to an early morning class, remove yourself from the waitlist before you go to bed.
  • When you get into a class, make sure to cancel any other waitlisted back up classes or reservations immediately, so you do not get added to multiple classes and get charge for classes you don’t attend.
Cancel 8 hours before class to avoid penalties.
Because we limit our class sizes, you can change or cancel your class up to 8 hours before class starts. Otherwise cancellations have consequences.

  Unlimited Member Count Series Member Class Pack 
Early Cancel (up to 8 hours before class) Free Free* Free*
Late Cancel (within 8 hours of class) $15 Fee Lose Class Lose Class
No Show Class $25 Fee Lose Class +
$10 Fee
Lose Class + $10 Fee

* Class is not refunded, but is re-credited to your account.

You must cancel on our app or online. No phone calls. No emails. No exceptions.

There are no exceptions to our cancellation policy, but we do understand emergencies occur. The policy is in place to encourage you to make schedule changes in a timely manner. Last minute schedule changes prevent others from having the opportunity to sign up. It also helps to motivate you to stick to your scheduled workout.
Switching classes on the same day is a late cancel.
If it is within 8 hours of class time, switching classes is considered a late cancel and you’ll be held to our cancellation policy. When you’ve held a spot in class, you’ve made it unavailable to someone else.
Memberships auto-renew and require notice to cancel.
Our monthly memberships withdraw directly from your credit card on file and also auto-renew monthly. Need to cancel your membership? We require 30 days’ written notice via email to cancel.
Our membership hold policy.
Unlimited members may hold their memberships anytime for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 2 weeks. For unlimited members, the first hold is complimentary and each additional hold beyond the first incurs a $25 fee.

Limited (count series) members may hold their memberships during the summer period of June 1 to September 7. For limited members, holds must be for a minimum of 2 weeks. Each 2-week hold period (including the initial 2 weeks) incurs a $25 hold fee. 
All classes must be prepaid.
To reserve a class, you must first purchase a single class, punch card or membership online or on our app. If you make a class reservation without first purchasing an active series, you will be removed from the class. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.
You must have an active payment method on your account.
To attend classes at Firebrand, we require that you have an active credit or debit card on your account. We will use it only to charge fees and retail or classes you purchase. If the card is declined or expired, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate booking privileges until you update it.
Punch cards expire and all prices are subject to change.
Punch cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. All future prices are subject to change without notice.
No class sharing and all sales are final.
Punch cards and memberships are not transferable. Each person who comes to class must have their own account and class package. All sales of memberships, punch cards, gift cards, retail, events and programs are final, non-refundable and non-transferable.
Gripped socks are required.
For our Lagree Fitness classes, we require all clients to wear gripped socks. No regular socks! Slippery and not safe. No bare feet! Gross. We offer an outright smokin’ selection of gripped socks for sale at the studio for $18. If it’s your first class, you can score a pair for only $15.
Come on time.
First class?  You must arrive at the studio 15 minutes prior to scheduled class time so you can check in, complete a waiver, get oriented and meet your instructor who will give you an orientation and ask about injuries or other concerns prior to class. If you come less than 10 minutes before class, your instructor may not have adequate time to orient you and you may be turned away. The class will be credited back to your account to reschedule for another time.

Firebrand regular? Sign in at the front desk before class starts. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late, your space may be given to someone who is waiting.
No distractions.
No kids or pets. Although they brighten our day, due to safety concerns, we do not allow children to remain unattended while class is in session. The same thing goes for your fur-children. Our staff is busy ensuring everyone has a knockout experience and can’t keep your pet safe or give it the attention it deserves. 

No cell phones. We request that you do not use your cell phone while class is in session. If you are expecting an urgent call or text, please leave it at the front desk where we can get you in an emergency. Unplug and treat yourself to some peace.

No stuff in class. For safety reasons and out of respect for your fellow Firebrands, we do not permit anything other than you, your water bottle and a towel into the studios. We request that you utilize the lockers.
No glass bottles or jars in class.
Our instructors’ primary focus in class is your safety, so we don’t always see your glass bottles and jars on the floor. And let’s face it, shattered glass is a nightmare. For your safety, we do not permit glass bottles or jars in classes.
You must be 14 years or older.
Although our classes are designed for all ages and fitness levels, no children under age 14 are permitted to take class. If you are under 18, you will need a parent-signed waiver to attend class.
Pregnancy precautions.
If you are pregnant, please consult with your doctor before taking any classes at Firebrand and continue to monitor during the duration of your pregnancy. If you have approval from your doctor, please arrive early to class, check in with your instructor and be prepared to modify your workout.
Instructors and class times subject to change without notice.
While we try not to cancel classes or switch teachers last minute, things do happen. We reserve the right to cancel classes and change instructors for any reason at any time.
Waiver required to attend class.
A waiver and release must be signed and on file by every client prior to participating in a class or program at Firebrand.
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