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Elizabeth Brandimore

Elizabeth has been in love with fitness ever since she was a 15 year old swim instructor in Fort Collins, Colorado. You'll most likely find Beth on the greens, on the trails or looking for the best taco in town. She owned NW Pilates studio in the Pearl for over a decade where she made lifelong friendships and turned out quite a few instructors as a master trainer. But nothing has been more challenging then transitioning to the Lagree Fitness Method and the Megaformer where she is excited to bring her milkshake to the yard.

Beth is kind of a rockstar who really knows what she is doing, having taught three Olympic athletes and focusing on form and bringing her deep knowledge of the body and proper movement every damn time. Next time you are in class, ask her why her nickname is “Frank the Tank.”

Elizabeth Brandimore instructs the following:
  • Lagree 45
  • The Lagree Fitness Method is a high-intensity, low-impact game-changer that fuses the intensity of Crossfit with the precision of Pilates to deliver the most effective and complete workout in the shortest amount of time.
    Classes take place on the M3K+ Megaformer and require that participants wear gripped socks and remove their rings.

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