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Kenzie Richter

Kenzie is an artist. The first thing you’ll notice about her is her edgy, fun makeup and attitude, which comes from years honing her talent as a professional makeup artist. Once you’re in her class, you see her talent for creating inspired sequences and knowing just when to say what to keep you going.

When she’s not adding beauty to the world, Kenzie is an outdoor enthusiast, and counts rock climbing, snowboarding, backpacking, and travel as her must-dos. Yes, she does ceramics, is actually in a coloring book and used to sing with the Oregon Symphony. But behind closed doors, you’ll find Kenzie eating flaming hot Cheetos with chopsticks!

Kenzie Richter instructs the following:
  • Lagree 45 :: Lower Body Focus
  • We utilize the revolutionary Lagree Fitness Method to target the entire body but dedicate 25 minutes of this 45-minute class to blast your glutes and lean out your legs. We’ll sprinkle in some signature core killers and throw in some upper body to round out the class. You’ll torch major calories, lift that booty, shape and strengthen the lower body and gain power. It’s perfect to add to your weekly routine to ensure a well-rounded, ever-changing, effective challenge.

    The Lagree Fitness Method is a high-intensity, low-impact game-changer that fuses the intensity of Crossfit with the precision of Pilates to deliver the most effective and complete workout in the shortest amount of time.

    Classes take place on the M3K+ Megaformer and require that participants wear gripped socks and remove their rings.

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