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Lagree 45 :: Arms + Abs Focus

This class is taught by:

Sara Stimac

Sara is the co-founder and owner of Firebrand. Sara’s love of fitness and sports came from a shared passion with her father, John. She began in ballet and jazz as a kid but quickly outgrew her tutu and traded it in for sneakers. Sara began her fitness career as a step aerobics instructor (grapevine!). Sara counts herself blessed to have discovered Lagree Fitness during her hectic years as an entertainment lawyer in LA.
An avid sports fan, Sara brings the coaching element into her classes, along with humor and bumping beats. When she’s not inspiring you to step out of your comfort zone, Sara’s watching the Cubs, taking selfies with her black cats or whipping up some healthy Swedish meatballs.

Kate Cary

Kate is an “OG” Firebrand and Advanced Lagree Fitness instructor. Although this natural athlete can do it all (soccer, cross-country, skiing, volleyball, surfing, etc.), her absolute passion is instructing fitness classes. She loves the energy and accountability of the classes and working with people and learning about their lives and goals.
Kate loves the community at Firebrand, which she described as “like-minded, driven people who go after their dreams one class at a time.” When she’s not helping people shred it, she bartends and is nanny to a total cutie patootie!

Cate Wade

Wade-o is a lifelong athlete and it shows in her classes. Departing from the norm, she played Division 1 Field Hockey and currently captains an adult league ice hockey team, where she shows the dudes who is boss. She’s also a NASM-certified trainer and occasional marathoner.
You guessed it. Her classes have an athletic feel to them. She believes the power of her class lies in the people in it, who lead by example and show each other what’s possible. When she isn’t creating in the studio, she’s putting her art-school background to work and watching Boston sports.

Abigail Parker

Abigail enrolled in dance lessons at an early age to "use up” her “extra energy." After several years of training, she went on to dance professionally. Her fascination with how fitness could help people reach their maximum potential led Abigail to put her talents to work at Firebrand.
Abigail is driven by a desire to not only improve herself, but inspire others to do the same - no matter what obstacles may stand in the way. When she’s stressed, Abigail finds healing in nature. She also hopes to find it soon in a Husky puppy! 

Christy Acuna

Christy is a one-woman fitness show. A Division 1 college athlete with a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science from OSU, Christy was a wellness director, managed fitness studios and gyms and founded kids-themed bike events. But her real passion is working with people – and working out!
Christy specializes in helping you succeed no matter where you start on your fitness journey. She won’t quit on you and won’t let you quit! This wood-worker has never tasted ketchup, cuts her hair only on a full moon and raised goats growing up.

Johnna Buchanan

From a small town in Oklahoma, Johnna has always been drawn to movement. She started in cheer and gymnastics and discovered yoga in college, which drew her to group fitness, where she’s taught Barre3 and reformer and mat Pilates. Johnna believes that movement empowers and creates a community in her classes that is inclusive, energetic and empathetic. Expect music-driven movements that are fluid and make you feel sexy as hell!

When she’s not helping you discover the magic of a strong pelvic floor, Johnna’s slinging wine for a local distributor, cooking and spending time with her labradoodle, Winston Churchill.

Kayla Bell

Kayla’s all about fitness that makes you feel good! Playing soccer at the collegiate level sparked her love for all things group fitness and coaching soccer ignited her fire for teaching fitness. It also doesn’t hurt that she grew up with a personal trainer for a father!

Kayla loves the energy and support group fitness brings, particularly knowing that you are not alone and someone else woke up as the ass-crack of dawn to sweat too! Kayla’s a proud dog mom and has way more fun playing catch than her dog, Buffy, does. Be warned: Kayla’s energy can be contagious!

Skye Stouber

Skye is a professional ballet dancer with extensive training in Stott and Peak Pilates, Gyrotonic Method and, now, the Lagree Fitness Method. Skye trained with Houston Ballet and San Francisco Ballet before beginning his professional career with Oregon Ballet Theater in the Summer of 2018.

Skye’s musicality sets his class apart from the others. An avid Liverpool FC, Trail Blazers and Timbers supporter, Skye enjoys watching games as well as making philosophical comparisons between dance, fitness and sports. If you want to be holding plank all class, trying talking to Skye before class about the Los Angeles Lakers!

We utilize the revolutionary Lagree Fitness Method to target the entire body but dedicate 25 minutes of this 45-minute class to getting your heart rate pumping with the signature core moves, plank variations and oblique twisting you love to hate, along with arm isolations to strengthen and sculpt the upper body. We’ll sprinkle in a few lower body movements to round it out. Great for when your legs are hungover or perfect to add to your weekly routine to ensure a well-rounded, ever-changing, effective challenge.
The Lagree Fitness Method is a high-intensity, low-impact game-changer that fuses the intensity of Crossfit with the precision of Pilates to deliver the most effective and complete workout in the shortest amount of time.
Classes take place on the M3K+ Megaformer and require that participants wear gripped socks and remove their rings.

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