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Our Story

One rainy Sunday afternoon not too long ago, John, Linda and daughter Sara Stimac came together like all great visionaries do, with a white board, a bottle of wine and a dream to do something different in the world of fitness. While the Stimacs each came to the idea party with different business and fitness backgrounds, the common element the ties them together (besides that they’re family) is that they are each Firebrands. A Firebrand, you ask? What is that?

The original use of the term “Firebrand” in the Middle Ages was for a piece of wood that ignited a fire. Nowadays the word is commonly used describe a person: a gutsy advocate who lights fires under others and inspires them to challenge convention. While some people praise them as rebels and leaders, others deride them as agitators and troublemakers. However you may label them, Firebrands are the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world – and actually do.

The Stimacs are Firebrands. And what we Firebrands dreamed up that rainy day was to create a wellness concept for people who also consider themselves fitness Firebrands: successful professionals and busy individuals seeking measurable, sustainable fitness gains.

We resolved to pioneer a results-driven boutique studio offering a “one-stop shop” approach to wellness. As part of this mission, at Firebrand we endeavor to empower people with the tools to challenge themselves and transform their lives.

From our flagship studio in Portland’s Pearl District, Firebrand Sports combines next-generation, high-intensity Pilates and cardio barre to deliver a complete and balanced fitness solution to people who value their health, fitness and time. Breaking from the fitness industry norm, Firebrand offers exclusive all-in-one workouts that fuse cardio, strength training, flexibility, endurance and core into its signature intense, express group fitness classes, Pyrolates and FireBarre. Firebrand’s classes are kept small to provide each client with the advantages of a motivational, private training experience in an energized community atmosphere that fosters a fitness fellowship, which is augmented by Firebrand’s proprietary nutrition and lifestyle programming.

Firebrand Sports is not just in the business of changing bodies; it is in the business of changing lives. And we believe Firebrand will change your life the way it has changed ours.

John, Linda and Sara Stimac

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